System Integration

The Central West Gippsland PCP is committed to:

  • Strengthening the alignment and integration across the health and human service system to deliver early intervention and integrated care that is responsive, person-centered and accessible.

To achieve this, the Central West Gippsland PCP is currently:

  • Working with relevant PCP member agencies across Gippsland to implement the ‘Healthcare that Counts’ framework to improve care for vulnerable children.
  • Continuing to embed organisational health literacy principles within the health care sector and expanding principles of improved access and understanding to the human services sector.
  • Providing cross-sector capacity building and peer networking opportunities to improve engagement between service delivery staff working in the health and human services sectors.

The Central West Gippsland PCP coordinates various System Integration forums, events and resources for service providers across Central West Gippsland with the purpose of working together to improve client outcomes for people with complex needs:

After-hours Healthcare Resources

Consumer Participation Resources

Health Literacy Resources

Service Coordination / Integration Resources

Digital Health Initiatives

Healthcare that Counts Framework

Living Well with Chronic Illness Community Consultation: Latrobe