Climate Adaptation Forum

Gippsland Climate Adaptation Forum for Health and Social Services

On 14 October 2020, Gippsland PCPs (which includes the 4 PCPs of Central West Gippsland, East Gippsland, South Coast and Wellington), coordinated a virtual Gippsland Climate Adaptation Forum for Health and Social Services.

The collaborative Forum featured the following presentations (linked below) and guest speakers:

(A full recording of the Forum is also further below).

  1. Tackling climate change and its impacts on health - Dr Angie Bone, Deputy Chief Health Officer- Environment, Department of Health & Human Services
  2. What the community are saying about climate change and their health and wellbeing - Jane Anderson, Latrobe Health Advocate
  3. Examples of what health and social services can do to help improve clients’ health outcomes in this changing climate - Liz Meggetto, Executive Officer, Central West Gippsland PCP (on behalf of Gippsland PCPs)
  4. Ready to Go Initiative: Creating a safer and more confident vulnerable population group during times of severe weather - Aileen Thoms, Manager Community and Innovation, Kooweerup Regional Health Service
  5. Balmoral Fire Connect: Leveraging Bush Nursing networks to enhance resilience during severe weather events - Joanne Brown, Health and Wellbeing Manager, Southern Grampians Glenelg PCP