Falls Prevention

Falls are a common problem for older people and are often the reason people are admitted to hospital or moved in to care. Although some falls may be associated with the natural changes of ageing, many can be prevented. Preventing falls not only saves a great deal of personal stress and disruption for the person and their family, it also reduces demand on health services and the health budget.


CWGPCP was funded by the Department of Health to run a 12 month project around falls prevention for people with dementia and their carers.

The main project objectives were to:

  • Build local capacity in providing evidence based Falls prevention Screening, Assessments and interventions for people with dementia residing in Gippsland
  • Develop local pathways for referral, screening, assessment and actions to prevent falls for people with dementia residing in Gippsland

The project was supported by international falls expert Professor Keith Hill from Curtin University.

Dementia Falls Prevention Pathway

As part of the Dementia Falls Prevention Project a pathway was developed to best practice referral, screening, assessment and actions to prevent falls for people with dementia residing in Gippsland.

To access the falls prevention referral pathway please click here.

Dementia Falls Prevention Education Sessions and Events

As part of the Dementia Falls Prevention Project capacity building sessions were held across Central West Gippsland to increase health practitioners knowledge of falls prevention interventions for people with dementia and the benefits.


This falls prevention information and poster ‘resources’ are provided to you by members of the Falls Prevention Working Group, in collaboration with the Central West Gippsland Primary Care Partnership, to help promote the falls prevention message that ‘Falls can be Prevented’.

The ‘poster resources’ are interesting, easy to read, colourful tips that target many of the risk factors associated with falls. They are primarily designed to go in newsletters for community groups and facilities. They are best used as intermittent reminders to keep the falls prevention message in the forefront. The ‘poster resources’ are formatted in Microsoft Word for convenient adaptation for your needs. Please make any alterations by downloading a copy to your desktop.

It is recommended that when you use these ‘poster resources’ you include your contact number, somewhere appropriate, so that more information can be easily sought by the reader.

Falls Prevention Poster Resources

Further falls prevention resources can be accessed below:

Choose Health: Be Active – A physical guide for older Australians

Upright and Independent in Gippsland – A Guide to Preventing Falls

Falls Prevention e-Learning Package for Health Professionals (South Australian government website)


Interventions for preventing falls in older people living in the community (review)

Can balance exercise programmes improve balance and related physical performance measures in people with dementia? A systematic review

Effectiveness of Interventions to Prevent Falls in People with Alzheimers Disease and Related Dementias