National Health Services Directory (NHSD)

What is the National Health Services Directory?

The National Health Services Directory (NHSD) is a FREE on-line database that provides Consumers, Practitioners and Service Providers with access to up-to-date, reliable information about health, social and disability services in Victoria.

It is a joint initiative of all Australian governments, delivered by Healthdirect Australia.

Who uses the NHSD and what is it used for?

  • GPs and Health Professionals use the NHSD to search for services to refer their clients to.
  • Nurse on Call, HealthSmart, Disability Online and other telephone and online advice services use the NHSD to search for services.
  • Clients access the information on the NHSD to search for a service they are looking for.

Why should I put my information on it?

  • The NHSD is easy to use and it’s FREE.
  • The NHSD includes over 350,000 records nationally, supporting over 5 million database transactions each month.
  • If your information is not on the NHSD, your service will not be seen by health practitioners, telephone advice services and potential clients who are using the NHSD.

How is information managed and maintained?

Healthdirect Australia continuously audits and reviews the directory information, and sends reminders to organizations to update their details.

The NHSD Service Desk also receives updates about service information from consumers and providers via feedback options on this website, mobile apps (Android and iPhone), NHSD widgets and other NHSD supported applications.


Each service provider will be able to maintain its own information, including consent for what consumers, other providers and authorized users can see and use via the self-authorship model.

Self-authorship is a way in which service providers can keep their own details up-to-date in the National Health Services Directory including services offered, contact details and operating hours.

Self-authorship will enable service providers to have control over the information displayed and easily make real time changes.

Where can I get more information?

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To view the NHSD follow this link:

Consumers can click here: to download the Healthdirect App

Health Professionals and Services can click here: to access the NHSD User Guide