Care Journal – Gippsland


  • The ‘Care Journal’ (Care Communication and Record Book) is a consumer self-management resource journal.
  • The Care Journal allows clients and/or carers to keep a folio of information to assist them in keeping track of all health services.
  • The aim of the journal is to help with communication and provide a record of service providers who have had contact with the client. It is a service coordination map to keep everyone informed and linked in the right direction.
  • Once-off funding was allocated by the Department of Health and Human Services for printing and distribution of a Care Journal for Gippsland.
  • Gippsland Primary Care Partnerships, in collaboration with agency and client representatives across the region, tailored the design of the Journal for Gippsland.

How clients can use the Care Journal

The journal is designed to be a multipurpose diary or planner. It can be used by clients/carers:

  • as a record of services that are in place to support their needs;
  • to help find support services; and
  • as an important aid to keep the GP fully informed.

The journal contains:

  • health information for clients/carers (including emergencies and key contacts);
  • templates for clients/carers to record their health details and services (such as medications, appointments, services planner, general notes, etc.).

Any interested client or carer may access their own copy of the resource by clicking this link

Information for Clinicians

Eligibility criteria for distribution of pre-assembled Care Journals

Any interested client or carer may access their own copy of the Care Journal.

Pre-assembled copies of the Care Journal (printed in clip folders) have the following distribution criteria:

  1. the client has an ongoing chronic or complex health condition;
  2. client is receiving multiple medical based services in the home; or 3 or more health or support services;
  3. the client and/or carer is proactive about their healthcare; and
  4. the client has capacity, or their carer/advocate, to self-manage.

If the client meets the above criteria, the assessing clinician / intake worker may:

  1. Initiate a discussion with the individual client / carer that the ‘Care Journal’ resource has been identified of benefit. This discussion can occur when deemed suitable by the clinician. For example, during third or fourth meeting with client (i.e. when client/carer is not already overwhelmed with other health information / documentation).
  2. Show the client / carer a pre-assembled copy of the resource and ask if they are interested in using (checking that they don’t already have a copy).

The Care Journal is an optional resource and should be provided to clients / carers who are motivated to utilise them.

Information for Organisations

Considering limited budget and identified distribution criteria (as above), the pre-assembled (printed) Care Journal is targeted to the following programs across Gippsland:

  • Hospitals – Hospital Admission Risk Program (HARP) / Health Independence Program (HIP)
  • Aged Care Assessment Service (Gippsland-wide) – Latrobe Community Health Service
  • Regional Assessment Service (RAS) outlets across Gippsland.

Organisations can source their own print run for extra copies if required. For quotation information, please contact: