‘Pit Stop’ Project Overview

A collaborative project to deliver the Men’s Health initiative ‘Pit Stop’ across the catchment, including the delivery of events and conduction of health screening checks. The project also explores the effectiveness of interventions to support mens’ health initiatives in Gippsland, recognising the health discrepancies seen between men and women and particularly seen in the rural setting.

Background Information

In 2009, under the Building Community Resilience priority area of the CWGPCP 2009-2012 Partnership Plan, a working group was formed to deliver the Men’s Health initiative Pit Stop across the catchment. The working group included Latrobe Community Health Service, Central West Gippsland Division of General Practice, Relationships Australia Victoria, Department of Veterans Affairs and a Resource Unit staff member. Pit Stop events have been undertaken with a local CFA unit, RSL groups, fire affected communities in Latrobe, an Indigenous Community event during NAIDOC week 2011 and over two days of Farm World 2010, 2011 and 2012. (Farm World is Victoria’s largest regional agricultural event which attracts more than 650 exhibitors and 50,000 people over four days annually).

The Pitstop Working Group members bought together the expertise of Community Health Nurses, General Practitioners, Counsellors, Health Promotion Workers, Drug and Alcohol Workers, Gamblers Health Service Community Education Officers, Project Workers and Trained Peer Leaders from the Veterans community who manned the health check stations at each event.

Pitstop Reports

Pit Stop Farm World 2010 Report

Pit Stop Farm World 2011 Report

Pitstop Evaluation Reports

A longitudinal evaluation was undertaken in 2013 with support from Monash University Department of Rural and Indigenous Health (MUDRIH) with participants who took part in Pit Stop at Farmworld in 2012. This involved telephone interviews at three and twelve months after Pit Stop with people who went through the initiative.

Pitstop Initial Evaluation Report

Pitstop 3 month post intervention Evaluation Report

Pit Stop Final Evaluation Report