Food Security – Latrobe

Food security is an individual or community’s ability to access healthy, affordable and appropriate food. Food insecurity can therefore be defined as having limited or irregular access to safe and secure nutritional food from a non-emergency source.

Due to high rates of food insecurity within the catchment, the Latrobe Food Security Coalition, known as Food For All Latrobe Valley, was established in October 2018.

Food For All Latrobe Valley is currently implementing its first food security action plan:

Food For All Latrobe Valley Action Plan

The Food For All Latrobe Valley project is an initiative of the Latrobe Health Innovation Zone, and is supported by the Latrobe Health Assembly, Central West Gippsland PCP and many other organisations and community members.

Food for All Latrobe Valley aims to strengthen local partnerships and work collaboratively to support local organisations, community groups and community members to deliver effective, place-based solutions to address this complex issue.

The below report provides an overview of the development of the initiative over the last 12 months, and presents the project outcomes that have been achieved in the initial Action Plan:

Food For All Latrobe Valley Collective Impact Report 2019

Food Security Projects

Victorian Healthy Food Basket Survey: Latrobe

The Victorian Healthy Food Basket assesses the affordability of a healthy diet. These reports provide a current snapshot of the cost and availability of fresh, nutritious food in supermarkets and independent stores across Latrobe.

Emergency Food Relief: Latrobe

Emergency food relief remains in high demand across Latrobe. Food For All Latrobe Valley has published a summary report outlining some of the barriers faced by emergency food relief providers across Latrobe.

USDA Moe Heights Food Security Report

These reports outline the current level of food insecurity within households in Moe Heights,
Victoria. This research was undertaken to understand the barriers behind higher food
insecurity rates within Moe Heights when compared to the average for Latrobe Valley.