Family Violence

In response to the findings from the Royal Commission into Family Violence, PCPs have been advised to work in their local catchments through partnership, collaboration and place based responses to family violence prevention, identification and response.

To support greater integration of family violence primary prevention initiatives, the Central West Gippsland PCP is currently represented on the:

  • Latrobe Family Violence Prevention Network (Latrobe Prevention of Men's Violence Against Women Network)
  • Baw Baw Family Violence Prevention Network (Baw Baw – Our Watch Our Issue).

The below reports provide an overview of the Baw Baw and Latrobe Family Violence prevention networks and summary of actions undertaken through primary prevention and gender equity approaches:

Throughout 2019/20, the Central West Gippsland PCP is collaboratively working on:

  • Supporting member organisations to appropriately identify and respond to family violence, in partnership with Gippsland Women’s Health.
  • Supporting the development of sustainable links between The Orange Door, human service organisations and the health sector to enhance service coordination for people who experience family violence.
  • Increasing member organisations’ organisational capacity to identify and respond to elder abuse through support and promotion of the Integrated Model of Care for Elder Abuse.

Gippsland Family Violence Resources (Gippsland Women’s Health):

Elder Abuse Resources: