Central West Gippsland PCP Strategic Plan: 2018 - 2021

Development of our CWGPCP Strategic Plan 2018 – 2021 was facilitated through consultations with existing member agencies, one-on-one interviews, stakeholder workshops and staff workshops. An environmental scan, local data analysis, along with a review of the previous CWGPCP plan and of policy directions and frameworks were undertaken, giving consideration to national, state and local priorities.

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has advised of 3 strategic pillars for CWGPCP work to focus on over 2018-2021. These strategic pillars are:

  1. Prevention
  2. System Integration
  3. Family Violence

The plan has also been established giving consideration to our local Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plans, the work of the Latrobe Health Assembly and the recommendations from the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence.

Strategic Pillar 1. – Prevention

Rationale –

  • PCP’s have a proven history of enhanced integrated prevention planning through capacity building.
  • The PCP has achieved significant success in promoting individual and communities’ ability to access healthy, affordable and appropriate food in the Latrobe and Baw Baw LGA’s.
  • PCP’s can leverage our work in primary prevention to enhance human/social service protective factors.

Goal: To work with communities in Latrobe and Baw Baw to maximise their health and wellbeing.


  • Enhance the capacity of health and human service organisations to engage in prevention activities by providing capacity building around the principles of prevention.
  • Implement a fully sustainable integrated approach to food security within the Baw Baw Shire and Latrobe City Local Government Areas.
  • Support greater integrated health promotion planning with key agencies including local government, community and women’s health.

Strategic Pillar 2. – System Integration

Rationale –

  • Identified priority at state and regional level, with an emphasis on alignment and integration between health and human services.
  • Low health literacy is a strong predictor of poorer health status.

Goal: To strengthen the alignment and integration across the health and human service system to deliver early intervention and integrated care that is responsive, person-centred and accessible.


  • Work with relevant PCP member agencies across Gippsland to implement the Healthcare that Counts framework to improve care for vulnerable children.
  • Continue to embed organisational health literacy principles within the health care sector and expand principles of improved access and understanding to the human services sector.
  • Provide cross-sector capacity building and peer networking opportunities to improve engagement between service delivery staff working in the health and human services sectors.
  • Support the development of the Gippsland Digital Health Strategy (lead by Gippsland PHN), including advocating for members’ digital health needs.
  • Undertake a community consultation across Latrobe Valley to understand how consumers utilise chronic disease services and make recommendations for improvement to the health system to increase service usage.*

(*Externally funded action through the Latrobe Health Assembly).

Strategic Pillar 3. – Family Violence

Rationale –

  • Identified priority at state and regional level, with an emphasis on alignment and integration between health and human services.
  • Family Violence is an identified key priority state-wide.

Goal: To strengthen the alignment and integrated approach between the health and human service system to improve organisations’ ability to respond to and prevent family violence.


  • Support the development of sustainable links between the Family Violence Support and Safety Hub, human service organisations and the health sector to enhance service coordination for people who experience family violence.
  • Support member organisations to appropriately identify and respond to family violence, in partnership with Gippsland Women’s Health.
  • Support greater integration of family violence primary prevention initiatives through the facilitation of the Latrobe Family Violence Prevention Network (Latrobe Gender Equality Network) and provide support to the Baw Baw Family Violence Prevention Network (Baw Baw – Our Watch Our Issue).

In order to achieve strategic planning priorities, the CWGPCP develop a operational plan each financial year. The current Operational Plan is linked below:

If you would like any further information about our Strategic Plan, please contact Liz.Meggetto@lchs.com.au