The Central West Gippsland Primary Care Partnership (CWGPCP) is a voluntary alliance of (currently) 23 agencies that provide health and community care to the people of Baw Baw Shire and Latrobe City.

There are two levels of voluntary membership:

Level 1: Full Membership

  • Receipt of all CWGPCP communications
  • Participation in CWGPCP meetings (with full voting rights), consultative and planning processes and other activities, including joint projects

Level 2: Associate Membership

  • Receipt of all CWGPCP communications
  • Optional attendance at meetings (without voting rights)
  • Full contribution to nominated working groups

Benefits of being a member

  • Access to a network of health and welfare agencies in Central West Gippsland
  • Weekly update from the PCP on news, events and successful project running in the catchment
  • Opportunity to work with other local agencies on identified community wellbeing priorities
  • Shared capacity building and training (see Support)
  • Opportunity to better coordinate services locally for the benefit of the community