S2S Usage

Service-to-Service (S2S) is an innovative solution for community service organisations seeking to streamline their workflow and increase efficiency for the ultimate benefit of clients.

The e-Referral service coordination system provides a secure web-based method of referral and communication between health and welfare services in Victoria. (http://info.s2s.org.au/)

To get support, information and resources for current users of S2S visit the S2S Support site

The S2S eReferral system in Gippsland is:

  • Used in over 72 agencies
  • Used in over 500 services
  • Use by over 3299 practitioners

44,517 referral transactions were sent and received in Central West Gippsland using the S2S eReferral system in 2016.

To see how many referrals we are sending in Central West Gippsland using the S2S eReferral system click on the Traffic Reports below.

S2S e-Referral Traffic Reports for Central West Gippsland

2016 CWGPCP S2S Annual Traffic Report (January-December)

2015 CWGPCP S2S Annual Traffic Report (January-December)

2014 CWGPCP S2S Annual Traffic Report (January-December)

2013 CWGPCP S2S Annual Traffic Report (January-December)

Mentoring can also be provided to agency staff on the following:

  • S2S E-Referral
  • S2S E-Care planning

To discuss the support you need, please contact Danielle Daley on 03 5127 9156 or email danielle.daley@lchs.com.au