eCare Planning

eCare Planning Project

The eCare Planning Project is a project currently happening in selected regions across Victoria to coordinate client centred care supported by the use of electronic Care Planning platforms. It is hoped that this project will improve integrated and coordinated care for people with chronic and complex needs and assist in identifying opportunities for self-management.  Below are the documents developed for use in the Latrobe and Baw Baw eCare Planning Clusters within Gippsland.

Latrobe Cluster eCare Planning Protocol

This Protocol forms an agreement between Latrobe City Council, Latrobe Community Health Service, Latrobe Regional Hospital and key Home Care Package providers in relation to the coordination of referral and service provision to older people with complex needs in the Latrobe City municipality. For a copy of this protocol please contact

Other documents that you may access by contacting are;

  • Latrobe eCare Planning consent form
  • Latrobe eCare Planning Risk Screening pre home visit

The consumer pamphlet – please give this to clients to assist in explaining the e-care panning process.

eCare Planning Online Training

In September 2014 the CWGPCP team created online training for the eCare Planning system. These modules mean that eCare Planning training is only a mouse click away. The sessions are between 2 and 7 minutes long, so you can learn at your own pace and when it’s convenient for you.

Tutorial 1 – Accessing the e-care planning module

Time: 2 min 13 seconds

Tutorial 2 – Creating a new e-care plan for an existing client

Time: 3 min 16 seconds

Tutorial 3 – Inserting a situational summary

Time: 1 min 55 seconds

Tutorial 4 – Allocating access levels

Time: 3 min 40 seconds

Tutorial 5 – Adding A Participant And Saving The Plan

Time: 4 min 17 seconds

Tutorial 6 – Adding an S2S Record

Time: 3 min 07 seconds

Tutorial 7 – Adding an Attachment or Link

Time: 2 min 46 seconds

Tutorial 8 – Adding a Referral

Time: 2 min 07 seconds

Tutorial 9 – Documenting A Goal, Outcome, Strategy And Task

Time: 6 min 06 seconds

Tutorial 10 – Documenting the Key Participant

Time: 2 min 15 seconds

Tutorial 11 – Scheduling And Documenting A Review

Time: 6 min 52 seconds

Tutorial 12 – Printing the e-care plan

Time: 2 min 07 seconds