CWGPCP Strategic Directions 2013-2017

The CWGPCP Strategic Plan 2013-2017 focuses on three strategic directions, identified through analysis of relevant social and health data and extensive consultation with member agencies and other key stakeholders.    The directions are guided by the Department of Health Primary Care Partnership Program Logic 2013-17.

Strategic Direction – Care Coordination

Program Logic Domain – Early Integration and Inegrated Care

Goal: To strengthen the primary health system to deliver early intervention and integrated care that is person-centred and accessible and aims to keep people as well as possible for as long as possible, particularly for those with complex care needs


  • Develop a care pathway and decision making database for referral and intake to paediatric allied health services in the catchment
  • Increase electronic feedback and communication using Argus and S2S between general practice, community health and HACC for consumers with chronic or complex conditions in the catchment
  • Develop local pathways for referral, screening, assessment, action and education programs to prevent falls for people with Dementia across Gippsland
  • Improve interagency share care planning to better meet the needs of aged consumers (over 65) with chronic or complex conditions in the catchment
  • Improve assessment practice to ensure it is consistent and streamlined for clients with the elimination of duplicated effort across Gippsland

Strategic Direction – Health Literacy

Program Logic Domain – Client and Community Empowerment

Goal: To improve health outcomes for people who have low levels of health literacy in the catchment


  • Improve consumers and cares meaningful involvement in decision making about health planning, care and treatment and their wellbeing
  • Improve the provision of self-management support for people with chronic or complex conditions in the catchment by supporting member agencies

Strategic Direction – Integrated Health Promotion (IHP)

Program Logic Domain – Prevention

Goal: To work with Victorians, particularly with the most disadvantaged, to maximise their health and wellbeing, reduce the prevalence of risk factors and increase the prevalence of protective factors through focusing on local partnership priority health and wellbeing issues.


  • Implement a fully sustainable, integrated approach to healthy, affordable and appropriate food within the Baw Baw Shire
  • Support greater IHP planning integration with key agencies including local government and community and women’s health